Dipity Developer API

The Dipity API enables developers to interact with the Dipity service programmatically. We now offer 2 types of APIs.

The REST-based API returns data in a form that can be easily integrated into another application or web site. You can develop Dipity applications for a mobile phone, build a Dipity widget for your blog, or create mashups with other web applications.

Javascript API
The JS API, allows developers to integrate data from outside applications into our javascript timeline widgets. This is a great approach for users that don't want their data stored on our servers, need to create a large amount of dynamic timelines, or are looking for a little more widget customization.

Getting Started

  1. Get an Application Key

    To make calls to the Dipity API, you need to get an application key. This enables Dipity to authenticate the application without embedding any user credentials in a request.

    Currently, JavaScript API users will need to contact us to get their developer accounts properly setup.

  2. Read the Online Documentation

    Dipity provides full documentation for both our REST API and Javascript API.

  3. Download an SDK

    You can download the PHP REST SDK or the JavaScript SDK. If an SDK exists for your project's programming language, you may be able to get something working in less time. Dipity will promote SDKs written for additional languages.


If you have questions or suggestions, you can chat with Dipity employees and other developers in the Dipity API developer forum.