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Bio: HiiT FiT Gym in South Austin is where cutting edge training, expert instructors and an impressive community intersect. The other 3 days, prior to HIIT, I did rather high intensity cardio on an air resistance exercise bike for about 15-20 mins, for cardio and fitness. I've very recently started HIIT due to being sold by the entire concept and its own allure - whole theory makes perfect sense, and especially as Iwant to increase stamina for general life and football (soccer).

A 1996 study from Baylor College of Medicine (Houston) reported that subjects who performed a HIIT workout on a fixed cycle burned significantly more calories during the 24 hours after the work out than those who cycled at a reasonable, steady-state intensity because of rise in resting metabolism. Since HIIT is more demanding to the body, it requires more energy (read: calories) to repair itself later. The formerly mentioned 2001 East Tennessee State study discovered that almost 100 more calories per day also burned off during the 24 hours after exercise. HIIT could function as the only solution to train for people trying to get rid of fat while adding and maintaining muscle tissue.

To illustrate the point, consider the size of a marathon runner's legs compared to a sprinter's legs-the sprinter, whose entire training schedule revolves around HIIT, possesses more muscle thighs. In case you choose hiitguides as your main system of HIIT cardio, you can in fact add leg mass because of the increased recruitment of the growth-outrageous, fast-twitch fibers in your thighs. If steady state is the four-door sedan of cardio, HIIT is the Porsche-it is more sexy, and there is enough beneath the hood to help keep you blowing past the man next to you.

High-intensity interval training is a form of exercise that demands continued short spells of high-intensity, or explosion " exercises, followed by brief recovery intervals. Taking into consideration the truth that many individuals use not having enough time" as a popular reason to avert routinely exercising, HIIT workouts are among the very best methods to beat this block and get great results fast. For instance, lately a study compared the impact of two different kinds of exercise training on body fat and muscle metabolism: HIIT workouts versus steady-state exercise.

The high intensity part of HIIT involves giving it your all for a particular amount of seconds (duration can vary). You will find numerous methods to make high intensity intervals by altering the timing of the work vs. remainder. Tabata is named after Dr. Izumi Tabata who discovered that he could shorten the training time and significantly improve fitness levels with a particular HIIT regimen.

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