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  • The Way We like the Tea
    The Way We like the Tea
    Created by dipity on Jul 21, 2011

    How does your belief in God manifest itself and do you attend a church (no answer is still an answer) in Kansas City? If now is the time to find God for you, do you think Mormon belief is righteous or sinful? Have you already found God?


  • Google's history
    Google's history
    Created by camillepantaleon29 on Aug 23, 2011

    History of the world's most powerful search engine.


  • Hurricane Irene
    Hurricane Irene
    Created by leilani on Aug 26, 2011

    automatic timeline of tweets/google news/YouTube videos/RSS feeds regarding the path of Hurricane Irene


  • Major NCAA Infractions Involving Free Cars, Free Car-Use or Car Dealerships

  • History of The Wheel
    History of The Wheel
    Created by StevePro on Mar 29, 2011

    A wheel is a device that allows heavy objects to be moved easily through rotating on an axle through its center, facilitating movement or transportation while supporting a load (mass), or performing labor in machines. Common examples found in transport applications. A wheel, together with an axle, overcomes friction by facilitating motion by rolling. In order for wheels to rotate, a moment needs to be applied to the wheel about its axis, either by way of gravity, or by application of another external force. More generally the term is also used for other circular objects that rotate or turn, such as a ship's wheel, steering wheel and flywheel.


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